Dilithium Platform

A New Approach for the Delivery of Augmented Data


The Dilithium Project is a broad venture to promote wide acceptance of Augmented Reality Technologies by the general marketplace. Building upon existing work in the Augmented Reality Industry, the Dilithium Team is building the infrastructure to allow content providers to connect with their consumers while being compensated for their services in a true merit-based economy. Our vision is to take Augmented Reality out of the realm of simple novelty, and to help make the technology as ubiquitous as mobile devices or the Internet, all while providing an ecosystem the fledgling AR hardware industry can grow into.

The Problem of Making Augmented Reality Ubiquitous for Consumers

Currently, most Augmented Reality platforms closely tie content to proprietary display platforms; with AR applications taking complete control of users’ virtual screens to deliver their content. Be it a game like Pokemon Go, an interior decoration design application, or a vehicle navigation system, users have to choose one application from a restricted list of compatible software to use at a time. Standards bodies are working to establish protocols to allow software compatibility across a broader range of devices, but hardware compatibility is only part of the problem consumers face in the market. The larger problem of exclusive use of virtual displays has yet to be addressed, and that limitation can easily give rise to monolithic applications that restrict users’ access to exactly the content they want. Since the space available in the virtual screen is very limited without blocking each user’s field of view, the ability to exercise a high degree of control over what is displayed and where it is seen is significant to user acceptance of AR technology for daily use.

The Dilithium Project was created to specifically address the issue of user choice and customization. Our approach is to provide a shared viewing space, where users can pick and choose exactly the content they want, and control exactly where they see that content. Content is broken down into small pieces of information and delivered via screen widgets; and can give users a high degree of control over customization and context of use. This approach has the advantage of giving users both the choice of what content they want to see, and the choice of who provides that content. By separating content into smaller pieces, Dilithium creates a competitive ecosystem where the best and most reliable content providers rise to the top of the market by merit; and not by seizing control of users’ entire virtual screens.

In addition to providing pathways to content users chose for their “home” view, the Dilithium Display Manager (DDM) will allow for specialized silo applications to be quickly switched into and out of view, or overlapped to provide hybrid content at the same time.

An example of this approach might be to combine a navigation system for drivers with an application that identifies buildings or points of interest along the driver’s path. Another combination of layers might guide users walking through a city street while identifying other members of a shared community. No matter the combination of services, no matter the cost of services used, this layered approach to content presentation is at the complete control of the individual user.

Beneath this display management layer is the second part of the Dilithium Platform, the Dilithium Services Manager (DSM). The DSM tracks which services are consumed by a user, and is able to provide fractional payments for the use of those services. Services can be delivered for free, through the use of a subscription, or on a per-use basis. All three payment models are supported by the DSM, and Dilithium Coin acts as the unit of exchange across the entire ecosystem. Users will have the choice of earning Dilithium Coins (XDH) by participating in operation of the network via staking or operating masternodes, purchasing XDH through one of our partner exchanges, or being paid by advertisers for viewing target content on their desktop or mobile devices. Additionally, the Dilithium Team will be working with hardware manufacturers to provide Dilithium Coins to their customers, and our business development group will seek multiple corporate sponsorships to provide additional liquidity for the coin.

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