Dilithium CoinBlockchain Dilithium Coin Listed on Apollon Network

Dilithium Coin Listed on Apollon Network

DILITHIUM COIN (XDH) is pleased to announce the addition of Dilithium to the Apollon (XAP) RYON platform.  RYON (Run Your Own Nodes) is an advanced management system that allows masternode owners to create and control masternodes without the hassles of downloading, compiling, and manually configuring wallet software on virtual private servers.  For a very low monthly fee, RYON can connect to local wallets and hosting providers and completely automate the masternode creation process.  RYON tracks wallet software versions, and makes server upgrades a simple, one-click operation.

Whether you are inexperienced with Linux server management or you simply want to control multiple masternodes from a central interface, Apollon’s RYON is an excellent solution for your server needs.

For more information on RYON, visit the Apollon Website or join them on Discord

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Dilithium Coin is sold on: The Aphory Network

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Dilithium Coin (XDH) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency that’s part of the Dilithium Augmented Reality Ecosystem.