Discord Invite Contest

Dilithium Announces Discord Invite Contest

[ANN] Discord Invite Contest

DILITHIUM COIN (XDH) is pleased to announce the launch of our Discord Invite Contest!  Help us expand the Dilithium community and win coins along the way!

The format is simple: We’ll divide a prize of 75 XDH between the top 3 community members who rack up the most joins to our Discord channel! The giveaway structure is as follows, with the community member who receives the most joins being rewarded the lion’s share of the prize:

First Place – 50 XDH

Second Place – 20 XDH

Third Place – 5 XDH

The contest ends April 06, 2019, with payouts to the winners occurring the following week


– For an invite to be counted, accounts joining the channel must be at least 1 month old and pass security captcha

– We reserve the right to cancel/postpone/extend the contest if we feel that not enough people participate.

– Invite Manager Bot will be used to identify farmed accounts and other cheats.

– Cheaters will be disqualified from the contest.

Dilithium reserves the right to adjust contest rules as we see fit

– All decisions made by Dilithium staff are final


You are invited to join us on the following platforms:

Check Out: Dilithium Coin Website

Follow Us On: Twitter

Please Join Us: Dilithium Discord Channel

Dilithium Coin is sold on: The Aphory Network

Contact us on Discord for answers to any questions you might have.


Dilithium Coin (XDH) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency that’s part of the Dilithium Augmented Reality Ecosystem.