Dilithium CoinBlockchain Dilithium Announces Partnership with The Aphory Network

Dilithium Announces Partnership with The Aphory Network

DILITHIUM COIN (XDH) is pleased to announce its partnership with The Aphory Network for management of the Dilithium Coin Presale. Aphory, a powerful sales and marketing platform, is a fellow newcomer to the masternode altcoin community and a natural fit for Dilithium’s launch.  Through Aphory, users will order Dilithium coins, generate and pay bitcoin invoices, and arrange for delivery of their new coins.

Dilithium will also take advantage of Aphory’s two level affiliate program to empower users to receive bonus coins for signing up other Dilithium buyers.  Any registered user of the Aphory platform can join the Dilithium presale (no purchase necessary) and receive an affiliate link that can be used to refer other potential buyers to the presale.  Any buyers brought to the site with the referral link will generate a 10% bonus on level 1 for the affiliate who referred them, and a 5% bonus on level 2 of referrals.  The Dilithium Team firmly believes in the power of affiliate  marketing; especially in it’s ability to allow highly motivated marketers who may not be able to afford Dilithium to earn coins through referrals.

The Dilithium Team is excited to partner with Aphory as its first customer, and we look forward to taking full advantage of Aphory’s features to execute a successful presale launch.

You are invited to join us on the following platforms:

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Dilithium Coin is sold on:  The Aphory Network

Contact us on Discord for answers to any questions you might have.


Dilithium Coin (XDH) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency that’s part of the Dilithium Augmented Reality Ecosystem.