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Dilithium Website Launch

DILITHIUM COIN (XDH) is pleased to announce the launch of our new website at https://www.dilithiumcoin.io.  The new site will  be a constantly evolving central hub for information about the Dilithium Platforms, Dilithium Coin, and the entire Dilithium Ecosystem.  As a point of first contact between Dilithium and the general public, we intend the site to place a heavy emphasis on educating readers about our technology, and we also intend to use the site as a great source for news about Dilithium projects and the Augmented Reality Industry in general.

For more interactive discussions about Dilithium and where the project is moving, please join us on our new public discord channel or follow us on our growing list of social media properties.  Links are below.

Welcome!  We value your feedback, and we look forward to helping bring Augmented Reality to the world!


You are invited to join us on the following platforms:

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Dilithium Coin is sold on:  The Aphory Network

Contact us on Discord for answers to any questions you might have.


Dilithium Coin (XDH) is a new PoS/Masternode cryptocurrency that’s part of the Dilithium Augmented Reality Ecosystem.